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Hi! My name is Spring Gouette, and my health journey has been long and winding, maybe like yours. Living with multiple Auto-Immune issues, Lyme and MCAD, I know all too well that what worked well in one season for your body may not work in another. It may even be different from day to day! And I know that when I was at my sickest, I went from a person who blogged about natural living, health habits, and taught classes about wellness, to someone who suddenly struggled to follow my doctor’s advice.

Making changes had become overwhelming. In trying to find someone to help me, I discovered health coaching! In addition to benefiting as a client myself, I decided to become a health coach, so that I could come alongside others who find the habit changes they know they need overwhelming to implement on their own. Whether you have dietary and lifestyle recommendations from your doctor that you need to implement, or just know you need to make some changes in your daily health habits, I’d love to chat more about how I can help!

I am also a musician/songwriter, and believe strongly in the power of music to motivate, inspire, calm and cheer. That’s why my D-Stress Kit includes an original song to accompany your breath work, or winding down ritual.

What can I help you with?

  • If you have dietary and lifestyle changes recommended by your doctor that feel overwhelming to implement on your own,or need support for other habit change, I can help you make a plan and break it down into doable steps.

  • Chronic stress can make it nearly impossible for the body to heal itself. I can help you work on lifestyle habits to reduce the effects of stress on the body, and make room for more energy and positivity in your life.

  • Honoring your body with what it needs can feel daunting under the weight of either stress or chronic illness. I can help you tune in to what your body needs, and begin to implement some daily habits for support.

  • Structure

    With weekly video calls, and a plan to move forward, you will begin to feel the success of accomplishing what you set out to do for your health!

  • Support

    In sessions I will help you uncover what has been holding you back from the empowered action you desire to take for your health. I am here to remind you that small hinges swing big doors! Action steps can be simple, doable, and even fun on the road to feeling better!

  • Accountability

    If habit change were easy, everyone would have done it all by now! Having someone in your corner to cheer you on, and help create the accountability you need can make all the difference in moving forward.

Let's work together!

  • Individualized coaching sessions are 60 minutes in length, and take place virtually, or in person. Learn how to overcome obstacles and create empowered action steps for true habit change.

  • A 30-day focus on dusting off health habits, resetting the palate, and clearing the clutter so you can hear and honor your body’s signals again.

  • Periodically I teach webinars on various health and habit topics. Join my mailing list to receive an invite to upcoming FREE classes.

What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • "Spring helped me realize I was unconsciously sabotaging myself, and she helped me make goals that were oriented toward success that I could achieve."

    C.E. College Student
  • "Coaching with Spring, I found more fun, happiness, life-balance and self confidence. Before the 90 day program I did not realize how much stress impacts me physically."

    S.P. Daycare Owner

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