Need Sleep?

Having had four kids, I know that “sleep like a baby” sounds like false advertising. But sleep truly does seem to get trickier as we get older! As promised, here are a few “How-to” Sleep Tips for you to try, if restful sleep is eluding you these days.

Try making your bedroom darker and or quieter

I have had seasons of life where I could sleep with the lights and tv on. But not so much anymore. For whatever reason, my natural melatonin production needs a little extra support nowadays. Darkening my room, (even blocking any light coming in under the door– I have teens who stay up later than I do!) made a big difference in my sleep quality. I do run a fan for white noise (and to drown out any noise of said teens and kids in the morning), but maybe experiment with silence if you live where it is quiet and see how that works for you!

Get some natural light exposure

As we head into the shorter days here in the north, sometimes I need to even go beyond natural light and use a light box. I wrote about how I work that into my day in a previous post. (And if you struggle at all with Seasonal Affective Disorder like I do, I did a series a few years ago on ideas for navigating that, and you can find it here! Whether I get outside, or sit by the light box, it’s important to do it early in the day, to help with your circadian rhythms. Train your melatonin to shut off in the morning, and work on getting it to kick in at the right time in the evening.

Take a hot salt bath: add essential oils!

If you know me at all, you knew it was coming, right!? ESSENTIAL OILS! Hands down my favorite sleep helper, in addition to a long soak in an epsom salt bath. If you are new to essential oils, purity is everything. Don’t buy them at Walmart or TJ Maxx. My favorite essential oil to sample people is doTERRA’s Serenity Oil. I just LOVE to help people sleep better. It’s truly life changing; it impacts so many areas of a person’s health! Lavender and Roman Chamomile are two other great oils for sleeping, as well as Ylang Ylang. (I’ll be sharing more about that fun-to-say oil soon as well!)

Get a massage or stretch before bed

Another thing I can tell immediately affects my sleep quality is some really good stretching  before bed. I am a big pilates fan, so my stretching tends to look a little pilates/yoga-ish, maybe I’ll use some exercise bands to stretch out tight hamstrings, focusing on deep relaxing breaths. My goal is to release tension while also keeping my heart rate at a relaxing pace.

Let me know if you try any of these ideas, and what your results are!

Also, if you have never tried doTERRA oils and would like to take some Serenity Oil for a test drive let me know! (And don’t pay retail… ask me how to get a deal!)

I will soon be taking on a few practice clients for my health coaching schoolwork. If you’d like to be one of them, reach out to me soon!

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