While my first love and career path was music, I learned at age 16 that losing your health can derail you from following your dreams. After losing the use of my arms to debilitating tendonitis my senior year of high school, I regained them through the gift of chiropractic care, and I went on to get my Bachelor of Music. This was my first peek into the world of natural and lifestyle “medicine,” and I was so grateful!

 In my late 20’s, I discovered the power of food as medicine, and got off of 5 medications through food and lifestyle changes. In my 30’s I received some new diagnoses, as unknowingly Lyme and mold exposure had further strained my immune system. Again I turned to food and lifestyle changes and improved.

In my 40’s, my complex health issues combined with chronic stress left me discouraged, and wondering if all the work was worth it. And once again, after finding functional medicine practitioners to guide me, I found myself coming to the other side with natural and lifestyle medicine. But it took much more support than in the past.

One of my doctors recommended I look into health coaching. Not only did I become a huge fan as a client, but I got very excited about becoming a health coach myself, and helping others to navigate the powerful but sometimes challenging journey of lifestyle and habit change. Usually, the more changes someone needs to make for their health, the less they can handle at one time. Even medical practitioners who teach the power of habit change don’t have the time (if they have the training) to help walk people through habit change. Enter health coaching!

I completed my certification with the Health Coach Institute in the spring of 2020. I also completed a Digestive Intensive through the Functional Nutrition Lab, and I continue to study and learn more about the power of food as medicine.

There is no one size fits all in diet and lifestyle, as my uniquely challenging journey has taught me. I am grateful for all I have learned and experienced, as I now come alongside others to help them navigate their own habit-change journey.