Creating a ONE-TIME order

Here are the steps for creating a one time order. (You can also follow along to create a Loyalty Rewards Order, and just click the appropriate button when give the choice between the two!)


Scroll down to fill in the shipping address, and credit card info etc.

Scroll back up to click “process now” if you are done shopping! Or you can click “continue shopping and then go click on the cart again when you are ready to check out.

Confirm the type of order you want to place. (The Loyalty Rewards Program allows you to earn 10-30% back in free points! It involves ordering at least one item a month, on a date that you choose and set up ahead of time. The cart/items can be changed from month the month, and the date can be changed anytime as well, 24 hours prior to processing!)

Complete the order by confirming your purchase! (Notice that in a STANDARD ORDER doTERRA is giving 50% of your shipping back to you as points toward FREE OILS! In a Loyalty Rewards Order you can earn 10-30% of your total order PLUS 100% of your shipping is credited back if you place the order online!)

If you have any further questions, please reach out to your doTERRA support person!

I hope this helps!












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