Daily Success Habits

If you are here because you just completed the 4 week Business Basics training, congratulations! You have covered a lot of ground, have had your first classes, and should be just about ready to teach classes on your own! So you may be wondering “What’s next?”

When I was first starting out in doTERRA, I did not have an upline to train me. I signed up through a friend who lived on the other side of the country, and the next few people above her weren’t really doing the business either at the time. So I set myself to research, and learn anything I could online. I was then joined by my first two builders, and we continued on our own, trying out a TON of different things, trying to find what worked best.

There are all kinds of materials, programs, videos, and workbooks available online designed to help people build a successful doTERRA business. I have tried a few of them, and there were things I liked (and didn’t like) about each one.  I learned the most from the Edge Success program, and the Share Success programs especially, and while I don’t follow any one program specifically, I took away things from both that I continue to use in how I operate my business and how I train others.

The fact is, there are a variety approaches to the business, but success really boils down to a small number of action steps, that get repeated over and over, and that you teach to others. Some training systems call these “rain making” activities. Others call them “success habits.” But they are truly all that will cause your business to grow and duplicate.

I like Edge Success’s concept of the Six Daily Questions:

1. Who will I share the oils with today?

2. Who has attended a class that I will follow-up with?

3. Who has enrolled that I will help better understand the Loyalty Rewards Program?

4. Who is using the product that I will talk to about the business?

5. Who is building the business that I will support?

6. What will I read, watch or listen to that will help me grow as a leader?

I have a little spreadsheet that I use to chart my completion of these steps periodically. Anytime I feel like my business isn’t growing the way that I wish, (or someone says that they feel stuck in their business), I go back to these Daily Success Habits. It includes income earning activities, and personal development activities. I was once in a challenge led by my amazing upline, and we used a tracking sheet, and I was hooked! Below is my modification of it that I use for myself.

Setup an existing WA/WC on LRP
Teach a class / Work a booth (host a class initially)
Teach a class for a new builder
Hold a one on one
Have a first-time conversation with a new prospect
Have a follow up conversation with a prospect
Hand out a sample to a new prospect
Mail out samples to people out of the area
Enroll a new member
Do a Membership overview with a new WA/customer
Do a Business overview with a team member
Leaders: 15 min Mentor call with one of your builders
Builders: 15 min with your mentor
Personal Development Activities
Watch a video at doTERRA University on Back Office
10 minutes of reading a self-development book
Talk to your accountability partners
Watch a training video posted in the Diamond Calling group

Tracking these activities for a week or more really gives me a clear idea of where things are at, and what area I might have been missing that needs to ramp up in order to keep growing. It is easy to start spending more time on the personal development side, and not even realize it, until you track how you spend your time! And while personal development is key to becoming a better and successful leader, it doesn’t directly earn you any income. This list helps me see if I am keeping things in balance.

Do you have a system you use to track your business activities?

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