FAQ- Frequently Asked Business Questions

There are so. many. details.  to this business. And then each year there is a change or two, or more, as doTERRA grows and adjusts to that growth. It is a TON for a wellness advocate to keep in his/her head!

So today’s blog post is a landing page for frequently asked questions, things we all need to go back to and reference from time to time, or to share with a new builder.

How do I set up Direct Deposit?

To have your check deposited directly into your account (and therefore pay a lower processing fee), you need to submit the following form to doTERRA via email or fax. (dataentry@doterra.com) ( (801) 785-1492)


How do I add my spouse to my account? 

Often a spouse will begin to catch the excitement of building a doTERRA business, and decide to join us! To share the recognition for rank and income, you need to complete a new Wellness Advocate form, with both names on it, and an account information change form, and submit it via email to: dataentry@doterra.com.



When do I get my Points for my LRP orders?

Any points earned in Loyalty Rewards orders, will be credited on  the 15th of the following month (or the closest business day if weekends/holidays coincide). I.E. all points earned in January are put into your account on February 15th (when payroll runs)

When do our paychecks process?

We have two different types of paychecks that process. I will explain them each separately here:

FAST START CHECKS:  Fast start checks process WEEKLY. The pay period runs Sunday to Saturday, and the checks print/deposit the following week. (Fast Start bonuses are the enrollment bonuses earned when you enroll someone new with a Wholesale Customer, or Wellness Advocate account.

I.E. If you enroll someone on a Tuesday, that check (paying you 20% on the PV of their order) would process the following week. Anything that new person orders in their first 60 days, will earn you further Fast Start Bonuses of 20% on those orders as well.

UNILEVEL/POWER OF 3/RANK BONUS CHECKS:  The regular monthly commissions (a.k.a. UNILEVEL earnings) process on the 15th of the FOLLOWING MONTH, as well as all rank bonuses.

I.E. Any regular/unilevel commissions from the month of January between 1/1 and 1/31, power of 3 bonus from January, and rank bonus from January, would ALL be paid in one check on FEBRUARY 15th.

How Do I Use My LRP Points?

If you would like to use your LRP points for FREE product, here is a short video on how to it! Please note it says in the video there is a $3 fee for every 100 points you use. DoTERRA changed this policy recently. There is a $3 fee for any single order using points. I.E. if you use 150 points, you will NOT be charged a second fee for $3 because it went over 100. (We LOVE this change!) 

How do I change the SPONSOR of someone I enrolled?

DoTERRA gives us 14 days to move someone off of our front line when we enroll a new Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate. The video below will walk you through the steps.

NOTE: When you enroll someone you CAN enroll them directly into the spot you want them to end up in, but entering in YOURSELF as the enroller, and then putting in the name of the desired SPONSOR in as well. I like to do this, because if something comes up and I want to change my mind, I still have that 14 days to move them elsewhere. By always having my Power of 3 sheet filled out, and tracking my rank goals, I know where I need someone to be. Ask your mentor any questions about placements!

Other Helpful Training Videos

DoTERRA has a number great training videos on using your back office etc. You can check them out below:



If you have any other questions that frequently come up, let us know and we’ll add them to this list! 


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