Growing Your Business “Organically”

I wanted to share some thoughts with you all on this concept of “growing organically” in your business vs “pushing”. This is something I have heard pretty often in doTERRA, these two phrases, and I’ve been pondering what that means, and how these phrases might be influencing how we approach our businesses.

I think sometimes people hear the phrase “push” regarding the business, and associate that with being PUSHY. But these are definitely NOT the same thing. I’ve heard a lot of people say “I’m not pushing the business; I’m just letting it grow organically.”

What does that mean exactly? I think what people THINK they mean, is that they are not being PUSHY. They are not chasing people down trying to get them to try the oils. But sometimes when people say “I am not pushing the business, ” what I really is I see people ACTING like “growing organically” means something more like Wishful Thinking. They are waiting for someone around them to say “hey, I want to know more about your oils!” That isn’t really growing organically. That is hoping for a lucky break!

To grow organically, involves prepping the soil, planting seeds, tending the seeds, weeding the garden, harvesting etc. It is all still done ON PURPOSE.

You get to choose the size of the garden… how big a garden do you want? How many seeds will you plant? How much time do you have for cultivating it? You can choose to have a smaller garden, or to expand it very slowly over time. But it’s still all going to be on purpose.

Sometimes I will talk about “pushing” in my business for a block of time. This doesn’t mean I am chasing people down, calling people I haven’t spoken to in ages asking if they want some oils! This means I have increased my pace/time being spent on the business. I am teaching more classes than usual, I am doing special events, I am mentoring more people than usual. It’s a decision to work harder for a period of time, in order to help create a burst of growth in my business. I am more attentive to “who around me needs oils?”, to the people that cross my path. I create more opportunities for conversations about oils. I stretch myself more outside my comfort zone in offering to meet that need sometimes. But it’s still not pushy. It’s what I normally do, only MORE. I am expanding my garden. I am enlarging the field, planting more seeds, and investing more time than normal in the tending of it.

You get to choose the size of your garden. Just remember the business only grows by CHOICE. Don’t let “growing organically” become an excuse to not do the business on purpose, on whatever scale is perfect for YOU at this time. Don’t trick yourself into “wishful thinking” with that label.

How big a harvest do you want? How long do you want to take to get there?

Happy Gardening!

Do you ever run in to this misunderstanding? Push vs Pushy? Have some encouragement to share with others? Join the conversation in the comments!

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