Series: It’s the Thought That Counts– #2

Sharing a Lifestyle vs Selling Oils

Today is my 2nd post in the “It’s the Thought That Counts” series. I want to talk a little bit more about the thought: “I don’t want to be salesy.”

I know that most people begin sharing DoTERRA because they want other people to experience what they did when they tried the oils. Their goal is to help people. Getting paid for it sometimes feel like a bonus at first! But we do need to be aware that our fear of being salesy may prevent of us from helping people find what they are looking for. So let’s not be afraid to learn about sales, and ourselves, so we can help the most people possible!

As I got started in this business I did a lot of reading, online and in books, watched a lot of training videos, and tried to learn from successful people in doTERRA and in other businesses. And a lot of what I read was about the psychology of sales… what steps do people go through to make a purchase, what makes them decide to buy a product etc. I won’t share that all here; google away and enjoy!

But the most common thread I read in sales psychology, is that while people learn about your product with their logical mind, they make the choice to purchase from the emotion center of the brain. They don’t buy a product; they buy how they hope to feel when they use the product.

People are looking for a change, and we are offering them that change. People are looking for education, and we share our knowledge, and continue to learn alongside them. People are looking for support, and we show up for them. People are looking for community, and we welcome them in.

People are looking for options, and we have what they need.

Truly, we are not selling a product, we are “selling” a lifestyle. We are sharing our own stories, and inviting people to join us on the wellness journey.

If you are interested in linking arms with people of similar goals and passions, in helping and encouraging one another to make healthy choices, and sharing the knowledge you learn, then you are not being salesy. You are showing up to serve.

The sales will follow.

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