Series: It’s The Thought That Counts #3

I recently asked some fellow builders about other thoughts that can be lodged in our minds, and influence our business. Today’s thought comes from their suggestions.

No one wants to come to a class.”

This is a pretty loaded comment. By that I mean, there can be sooooo many things behind it. Usually if this comes up in conversation I ask more questions to get to those layers. Do they mean that literally zero people ever attend their classes? Do they mean they seem to not have as many people interested in classes as “other people” do? Do people say they want to come but then cancel? A variety of these scenarios have been behind the statement with different people.

We have seen the statistics about the number of people in the US who are open to learning about essential oils. So we know they are out there! Some people are further away from “how do I sign up for this lifestyle” than others. But there are plenty of prospective customers just waiting for someone to offer them a sample.

(slides from Leadership Retreat)

So if we feel like we are not finding those people, we need to look at both ourselves, and the people we are inviting!

Here are some of the questions I might follow up with on that initial conversation:

Are the people you are inviting, people who have experienced oils previously because you shared samples with them?

***Remember the scenario about the multiple touches a person needs to get from “I have no idea what you are talking about” to “I am so ready to jump into this wellness lifestyle.” People often enroll at or after a class. That means a class is more like step 7 for people. If you are inviting people who are at step one to a class….. you may be inviting too early. (Some people move more quickly through the steps than others! You have to know your contact!)

Are you comparing yourself to other builders?

***Some people come into this business having been on a wellness journey for years. And their friends have already come to see them as someone who has learned a lot about natural health options. When they begin to share doTERRA, their friends may be knocking on their door asking them to try their oils. This was my case. My health issues made me a serious student of natural health. Some of my friends had already kind of followed me through some of those steps as I walked my own wellness lifestyle. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else as you start out this business. Or ever! You are building your own network, and you are on  your own journey. And you are inviting other people onto that journey with you. Give yourself, and you r contacts, space for your own path, and enjoy the process!

Do you have a consistent class offered at least monthly?

***Sometimes there is truly an issue of logistics for people making it to a class. If you are only offering random classes, then when someone IS ready to attend a class you end up having to say something like “oh great! I’ll let you know when my next class is!” Or if you offer a class and it doesn’t work for someone, they are waiting for you to schedule the next one. I try to always have one night the same each month (I have used my home, and coffee shops for this). Then I always have a planned class to invite people to. When someone says “I’d love to, but I have _____ that day” you can always offer the next one. This helps prevent contacts who are truly busy from falling through the cracks.

Are you projecting any of your own doubts or issues when you speak with people?

***This is a harder one for people to ask themselves. But if we have any of these thoughts (in this series or not covered yet!) echoing around in our heads, it WILL influence our tone, our choice of words, our energy etc. If you feel stuck in any one of these thoughts, consider if any other thought/mindset is possibly seeping into your interactions with people.

Are you living the lifestyle?

***I was surprised the first time I heard a mentor ask someone this question. Aren’t we all in this business because we fell in love with the oils and products?! But sometimes, we get so comfortable, we can sort of stall out in our own wellness journey. I actually like to occasionally do a little “wellness consult” (as we used to call them) for MYSELF. I will rate how I am doing in the various areas in our health pyramid, and see where I need to focus some attention. If we are not experiencing more wellness and our excitement for the lifestyle is not showing, what is going to attract people to it? 

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Do you have any other suggestions for someone who feels like “no one wants to come to a class?”

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